Respect L2 Aeon Rules


⚔️ About L2 Aeon

L2 Aeon is a new project made by Lineage 2 Players. The last 3 months we did our best to develop a java pack with great stability, many custom features (no custom items), balance classes and stable economy.

⛰ Our Goals

Our goal is to retain the original approach of Lineage 2. To clarify our statement, L2 Aeon is going to focus on the needs of the community, constant fixes and updates, without wipes, great lifespan and continuous GM support. Our team is going to be available 24/7 without any discrimination between donate players and normal players.

⌨️ Your Server

Over the past years I have seen tens of hundreds of private servers closing and re-opening. We are not going to follow this tactic as we do not want to lose the trust of lineage 2 community. So, we made a promise that no matter the cost the server will stay online and continue to be developed day after day. We are not going to stop improving your game experience and support L2 Aeon’s community needs.

💵 Donate Friendly

We are a team of hardcore Lineage 2 players and our focus is to have fun. One of the greatest things in life. As a result, we are not doing it for the money. On the contrary, we have invested a good amount of money from our everyday jobs so that we can have fun and tones of PvP. In addition, people who donate are going to be equal to those that do not want to support the server by this means. To be more specific, donators are not going to have stronger equipment neither special treatment. They will just achieve the end game faster.

🤲 Respect For The Server

One of the main reasons Private servers are closing is the Respect the community is giving to the rules. Thus, we are going to be very strict with our set rules. We are not going to tolerate any behavior that is toxic toward L2 aeon’s community and Lineage 2 in general. By saying that we mean, no flaming and no bots or exploits of any kind. L2 Aeon’s Team will give permanent bans to those who develop such behaviors. We do not care whether we have 50 ppl online as long as those players are respecting the rules and enjoying themselves while playing.

🚜 Farm Friendly

So here we are, growing older yet constantly feeling younger in our minds. We do not have time for constant farm. L2 Aeon’s team took care of that. We want your farm to mean something and have immediate effect on your gameplay. This means that you will never feel that you’re left behind even if your character has not logged in for a week.

🏠 Old School Approach

L2 Aeon is based on High Five client. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible by keeping a classic gameplay but also adding custom features that fit to a better and more modern approach of Private l2 Server Community. You are not going to see custom items, custom spawns, starting level 85 with full jewels etc. Your path will start with your character at starting areas and you will play your way to the top. A guide will be available in our Forums.