Respect L2 Aeon Rules


⌨️ Third-party programs

Needless to say that the use of any third party programs, especially hacking and bot programs that alter the normal use and enjoyment of the game will lead to permanent banning. It does not matter whether the software was being used in our server or somewhere else, if any forbidden software is detected in the computer while playing in our server, the account will be inevitably banned.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Account Use

There should also be a special mention about the importance of not leaving your account to anyone. Do it at your own risk but you are ultimately responsible of what happens to the account. This means that if anyone logs in your account with any illegal software the account will be banned. Needless to say that the staff will not get involved if one day you find your character naked because you trusted the wrong person.

πŸ› Bug Exploitation

Taking deliberate advantage of a bug instead of reporting it will be punished and can lead to permanent ban at our own discretion.

πŸ–₯ Self-Advertisement

SPAM of other servers in forum/discord/in-game will lead to permanent ban of in-game account.

πŸ’Έ Adena Selling

Adena sellers are not allowed on this server. Selling/Buying anything (adena, items, characters, etc.) for real money is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban of both seller and buyer accounts.

πŸ‘« Respect

The respect to other players, as to the gm/admins is vital and is taken for granted. This server is to play and to have fun and enjoy, whether with farming or pvp, everyone has to find their place without disrespecting anyone. There will be penalties for users who don’t respect this, serious or repeated faults may lead to temporary or permanent banning of an account. Characters with names with insults included will be deleted and is expected a minimum attitude of users in discord and forum also can not attach photos uploaded tone / pornography.

πŸ“› Character Naming Restrictions

In such a way it is forbidden to create characters with the letters GM included in the name, these characters will be deleted because there can be no doubt who is GM and who is not.

🏞 Language

Last but not least, only English is allowed in the global chat.